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  • How I Made a Barn Quilt

    Those of you that follow my other site, Daisey Jayne, know I've been into all kinds of needlework way before I started painting furniture and I've ...
  • An Interview with furniture artist, Jonathon Marc Mendes of Painted Love

    I first discovered Jonathon when I became the US distributor for Autentico Paint. Autentico was being used in Europe and the UK and voilà, there was Jonathon creating the most gorgeous, authentic paint finishes.
  • Use Autentico Versante Matte to Paint Your Exterior Door in 2 Easy Steps

    As the weather gets warmer, I see lots of people working on the outside of their home.   One of the fastest and easiest projects to add a fresh po...
  • Meet Fallon Yates of Market House Restorations

    Fallon Yates is the owner, artist, and author behind Market House Restorations. I was thrilled to interview her about her journey as a painter.
  • Master Bath Vanity Refresh

    In an effort to keep busy during this uncertain time, I've been looking around my home for projects and my master bath vanity was in desperate need of a refresh.
  • Painting a Stair Runner in 3 Easy Steps

    A few years back I painted a runner down a flight of steps in my home, since then the finish has yellowed and is pretty beat up with scuffs and stains.  So it's time for a refresh!
  • My Dining Room China Cabinet Makeover

    One project I've been wanting to do for a while now is the china cabinet in my dining room.  It's a mahogany piece from the 40's or 50's and the reason I bought it is because it's not a large piece, it's not too deep, so the size is perfect.
  • Autentico Vintage or Versante, what's the difference?

    Autentico has many different types of paint and the two I've been getting asked about lately are Vintage and Versante, both are chalk-based paints but with quite a few important differences.
  • I take color very personally...

    There is no easier way to transform a space or piece of furniture than with paint. 
  • Welcome to the new Chalk Mercantile site!

    Welcome!  Take a look around, though I'm still working on the site it's already set if you'd like to do some shopping.