An Interview with furniture artist, Jonathon Marc Mendes of Painted Love

When it comes to gifted artists in the world of decorative painting, Jonathon Marc Mendes is at the top of the list.


I first discovered Jonathon when I became the US distributor for Autentico Paint, yes, along with Chalk Mercantile I also have Autentico Paint USA. Autentico was being used in Europe and the UK and voilà, there was Jonathon creating the most gorgeous, authentic paint finishes.

I was absolutely thrilled when Jonathon agreed to this interview, he's got a strong and ever growing following in the United States and painters want to know all about him, his journey and how they can learn from him. 

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

Jayne: When did you discover you were a creative, or have you always known?

Jonathon: I suppose I’ve always known. From when I was a very little boy the creative time at school was always my favourite. 


Jayne: Do you call yourself a decorative painter?

Jonathon: For a long time it was really difficult to give myself a title because, like most when you’re creative, you’re always self judging your own work. Now I have a little more confidence and I’m happy to call myself a decorative painter or a furniture artist.

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

Jayne: Has being a painter always been your career goal?

Jonathon: During my early teens, I really wanted to be either a landscape architect or an interior designer. Unfortunately and due to my dyslexia, academically these didn’t seem achievable at the time so I fell down the route of becoming a hairdresser, which is another creative outlet I loved for 25 years.

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

Jayne: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Jonathon: Most of my inspiration comes from nature. I absolutely love natural patterns and nature’s colour combinations. It truly does it the best but also I’m such a visual learner and I love taking inspiration from old books, such as Jocasta Ennis. I’ve also been very lucky to have travelled the world teaching my painting techniques and gathered lots of inspiration from different countries their colour combinations, textures, and light.

Jayne: Is there any one project that you're particularly proud of and why?

Jonathon: My room makeover in our home for my mum I’m proud of it because 80% of the room has been recycled and re-purposed. With a little bit of love, paint, time, and effort you can truly make a wonderful space and it’s such a cheerful room.

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

Jayne: Is there anything you’ve always wanted to paint but haven’t had the chance to yet?

Jonathan: I’d love to paint a French armoire. I haven’t had the chance yet but I’m sure at some point one will present itself.

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

Jayne: What are your favorite tools and techniques?

Jonathon: My favourite tools are brushes. I have a thing for brushes, all different shapes and sizes from very hairline rigour brushes to thick fluffy natural hog hair brushes.

Techniques - so many I suppose the one I’m most proud of is my marbling technique, which can be achieved with a variety of different furniture paints unlike the original oil based or acrylic paints of the past.

Jayne: Your pieces are so beautiful with layers of texture and so much depth, how do you know when the piece is done?

Jonathon: That is a fabulous question and probably the one that I get asked most. It is difficult to know when your piece is finished and when to walk away happy because we love doing what we do and I always want to lavish my love on the piece. Sometimes less is more. That’s not always the case but my suggestion is to have lots of tea breaks walk away for 10 minutes and come back and see what you’ve achieved.

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

Jayne: How would you describe your signature style? How has it changed over the years?

Jonathon: I have many different styles. Over the years, I’ve tried everything from mid century modern through to hand-painted Venetian style painting but I suppose what has fit very well with me and I enjoy doing the most is the faded grandeur style of painting - chippy aged beauties that look as if they fell from a château many years ago. I suppose most people associate my main body of work with this style.

photo credit Jonathon Marc Mendes

Jayne: You’ve taught furniture painting in Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Germany, The Netherlands and Australia (we’ve got to get you to the United States!) and you have a wonderful series of workshops that include a 6 week Masterclass, tell me about those and how do people register?

Jonathon: I enjoy hosting live painting demonstrations and teaching workshops. I love creating new techniques for my online painting workshops. There are currently 3 free tutorials to enjoy with my compliments when you register. If you want to go deeper I can offer one to one tutorials at my creative space at The Loft, Caistor, Lincolnshire or by Zoom which you can book online very soon.

Jayne: What’s next for Jonathon March Mendes Painted Love?

Jonathon: Complete the Edwardian home we’ve just moved into. Obviously build up on the Academy and training. Always looking for new ideas when it comes to painting and techniques but ultimately I would love to do an old school coffee table book with lots of visuals and with beautiful images to inspire.

Thank you Jonathon!

To follow Jonathon click on the following:

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I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Jonathon Marc Mendes Painted Love.  He's such an inspiration and I encourage you to head over to his website and have a look around and be sure to go to his YouTube channel, it's chock full of invaluable information, tutorials and inspiration for creatives!

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