Master Bath Vanity Refresh

In an effort to keep busy during this uncertain time, I've been looking around my home for projects.  Our master bath vanity was painted years ago before I knew anything about Autentico. In fact, before Autentico was even available in the United States.  The top of the vanity, which if course I forgot to take a photo of, was a mess.

Time for a vanity refresh using Autentico! This time around I chose Versante Matte in Nocturnal, a beautiful deep black. Because I won't be fussing with the finish Versante fits the bill. It has a built-in top coat (no waxing), is super durable, and is totally washable. 

Here's what I used:

  • Omniclean
  • Versante Matte, Nocturnal
  • Autentico sash brush
  • Autentico 35mm oval brush
  • kraft paper
  • painters tape 

Here's the vanity all masked out, a big thank you to my husband for doing this step for me! 

I didn't do anything until the paper was down! I didn't want anything dripping onto the marble floor or hitting the walls.

I removed the glass knobs and gave those a good wash.  I vacuumed the vanity with a brush attachment to remove all the dust and then washed the whole thing with Omniclean.

Then I applied 2 coats of Nocturnal. For all the detailed areas and hard to reach spots like behind the faucet, I love using my Autentico small, pointed sash brush. The rest was applied with the 35mm brush, which made the whole process really quick.  

I painted the first coat in the morning and the second coat in the late afternoon.  Before I put anything back on the top, I'll wait a couple of weeks for it to cure. 

Here it is all done, I took this photo with the lights off.

Master Bath Vanity, Autentico Versante Matte, Nocturnal

Here's a photo with the lights on.

Master Bath Vanity, Autentico Versante Matte, Nocturnal

This was a really quick project, which I love as I get results really fast!

How are you all doing? Do you find yourself looking around for some distracting projects? 

I hope that you are all well and staying healthy!


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