Tea Towel Rack Makeover using IOD Moulds & MudPaint

Here’s a really fun project using IOD Moulds, MudPaint plus this vintage tea towel rack I found at Goodwill. 

I really liked the shape of the rack and that nice blank space in the middle was just begging for something pretty.



Here are the supplies I used for this mini makeover: 

MudPaint in China White

IOD Moulds: Frames, Cameos, Laurel, Swags & Rosettes

IOD Air Dry Clay

Tightbond Glue



Step 1) I cleaned the rack and painted with 2 coats of China White.



Step 2) Make the Moulds. Using a soft brush I dusted the moulds with cornstarch to prevent the clay from sticking. 

I pressed the clay into the moulds and removed excess (you can use an old credit card, your fingers or the side of a paint brush like I did 😆).

I slightly bent the silicone mould to remove the clay mould.



Step 3) To create a composition I moved the moulds around until I liked what I saw. 

Pro Tip: pick up your phone and take pictures of the compositions as you move the moulds around. Then go through your pictures to easily choose your favorite composition and follow that while you glue down the different pieces!



Step 4) Time to glue the moulds down. I squeezed some Tightbond Glue onto a piece of cardboard.  And using an old natural bristle artist’s brush I brushed the glue generously onto the back of the moulds and glued them down.



Step 5) I let the whole thing dry, gave it a coat of clear wax and once that's dry it’s ready to be used! 


Watch the Tutorials Here:


I hope you give this type of project a try, you can glue these Moulds onto practically anything and get great and really beautiful results!

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