My Top 10 Furniture Painting Tools

I was asked recently about paint brushes and decided to go over exactly the tools that I love and use for painting furniture.


Get the best tools your budget allows so they will last. There’s nothing worse than having to replace inferior tools over and over again, that’s money down the drain and you simply won’t get the best painting results with poorly made tools.


Without further ado, here are the tools I use and recommend! 


When I’m painting with chalk paint and creating a smooth finish I use Autentico brushes, these brushes are handmade, have synthetic bristles and last forever. They lay the paint down beautifully and never push the paint off your piece. 

For dressers and larger pieces I use either a 2” flat or 35mm oval. For smaller projects I love the 1” flat.


When I’m working with milk paint I love using a natural bristle brush as I want to create lots of rustic texture.


I use AHAH natural bristle brushes in 2” and 1.5”.


For basic waxing I love my Autentico wax brush, it lays down a nice even coat of wax quickly.


When I’m mixing different colors of wax and want to create texture and striation I use the AHAH natural bristle brushes.


For buffing I’ll use a buffing brush or an old white tee shirt (all the lint has been washed out).


I love natural sea sponges for creating different paint techniques.



When I need to sand I’m a sanding sponge fan


My favorite tape is the green Frog Tape, this really gives me crisp lines and keeps my projects looking sharp.


For mixing and working out of I use small glass and ceramic cups and bowls I find at Goodwill. You shouldn’t work out of your can of paint as you can contaminate it with dust, dirt etc.


I cut up used cardboard boxes to create palettes for when I’m waxing. I scoop out wax and put on the palette to work off of. And I love tongue depressors for stirring and scooping!


And for cleaning my brushes including my wax brushes and other tools I swear by Scrubby soap


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